how to give details of payoneer master card

FarahFarah Posts: 11Member ✭✭
please tell me community member in well and simple way when ask me payoneer master card details means information. how to give details means date of expiration and payoneer master debit card last 4 digits of 16 numbers? and 3 digits which present on back on the payoneer master card? please tell me in a simple way i am so confused 4 and 3 digits because i am understand that last 4 digits of payoneer master card 16 digits and 3 digits on the back on the payoneer master carc? i am right or wrong please correct me?


  • mushtaqahmedmushtaqahmed Posts: 26Member ✭✭

    Take this card as an example. The 4 digits in this case are "4444" left to the "222". And the 3 digits are "222". You shall be able to find them on your card too. And expiry date is a separate thing which can be found on the front.
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