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When will this REVIEW-thing stop finally?


since yesterday an incomed transfer ist stucked because of "waiting for approval". I really hopes, that ended long time ago, because I dont see any need to review anything except from why the money came. in my case it is PayPal and it is ALWAYS PayPal... Payoneer wont get any other informations, for what the money was paid, from where PayPal got it or anything else... so please, can somebody explain to me, why Payoneer hold MY MONEY (sometimes it was for days and I know a case, the client waitet for more than 3 weeks)... I am since years a client of Payoneer, but I dont see, that simple things/problems get resolved for a better service and that clients receive there money as soon as it comes in, instead of working with it and I need to wait, until somebody things, he feels good enough, to load it to my card... sorry, but this is, how I feel.... besides this, the support via E-mail still is horrible and the chat-guys cant tell me anything else, that I know already...

Maybe the Adminstrator here can take care of my case:
Payment-ID: 27951095
Payment-date (EST.): 07/06/2016 09:22

Thanks in advance