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Is that the way, you treat your clients?

Well, I asked a couple of days already something here about holding my money for days with the reason of "Waiting for approval"... the chat-Support isnt any help at all and just give answers like copy and paste, but indivudal answers mostly missing... the forum worked years ago, but I see, that here ar no ansewrs/reactions give from Payoneer either. Writting an E-Mail to the support doesnt make any sence at all, if you are looking for an fast answer.

Anyways, my last incoming transfer was hold for entire 3 days, before it was loaded to my card. Today I had another incoming transfer and guess what? It is again stucked in the "Waiting for approval" since hours, so I would not wonder, there wont be any card-load by today either, since normally this approval passes in just some minutes.

Zahlungsdatum (EST.):
07/11/2016 11:38

That means to me, that I never can count on my money. Sending money to my payoneer account doesnt mean, that it will be there, when I need it. The approval can take 5 minutes, but it can also take up to 5 days, as the chat support told me. I know about cases, customers were waiting for a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile Payneer works with my money, but not offering me any interest on the other hand. I read here in the forum, that customers complain about bloqued accounts, they dont know why, they need their money and have to wait, like me, when Payoneer is ready to answer or to load money. Well , this is not anything, that should happen at an bank and when I look in the internet, there are already many people asking for alternatives.

Fact is, for a long long time, I was really happy with the service, no poroblems at all, but I didnt need any help or answers either. Fact is, that this can change quickly, that means, nobody can be sure to receive their money like usually, because one of the other day everything can change an the money is stucked....

Sad to say this... but I guess, Payoneer can understand these kinds of reaction, when they treat their customers like that...

I dont expect any answer at all.... I am used to it, to get one at all...


an really dissapointed customer....