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Recent experience with Payoneer ,Not a good one!

omar iw
omar iw Member Posts: 3
So i been using Payoneer for 3 years , I live in Palestine -The West Bank  , I'm a programmer  and 25% of my income comes through Paypal goes to Payoneer then cashed out at the ATM ,That's almost 26,000$ in the past 3 years  .

So my card was going to expire i talked to customer service and asked support to ship me a new card ,They did and i waited 5 weeks and it didn't arrive , I talked to customer service again and asked them to ship me another one and they did and i waited 5 weeks and it didn't arrive and when i contacted the local postal service office they said the Israelis maybe holding both cards for security reasons and i can't know when they will deliver it to them or if they are going to deliver it .

My grandparents live in Jordan and i have a Jordanian passport and i will be going to Jordan for the holidays to spend 2-3 weeks with my grandparents ,So i thought i should try to ask if they can ship it to Jordan via DHL since i still have 450$ in my Payoneer account .

I talked to support and they asked me to send them government id or passport of my relatives in Jordan and a proof of their  residence , So i got my grandpa to send me his passport and he also sent me a  picture of a government issued profession id card with his residency place and passed both to support , I waited 5 days then support contacted me  saying they want my residence address and they want it to be in Jordan , That's the first issue i had with Payoneer asking me for a certain documents then when i provided it they say its not enough even though i explained the situation as best as i could. 

The second one is that the account billing address was changed to my grandparents address in Jordan and when i asked customer support about it they said they didn't change it even though as far as i know the customer can't change his country in the billing address and have to contact support to change it ,When i asked them to change the billing address back to what it was they said they wanted a proof of my residency before they can change it back to what it was . 

I'm all in for security and protecting yourself and your customers but this was just stupid and a waste of time .