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Payment rejected by payoneer without any reason!

tayfun Member Posts: 1
I have 3 consecutive payment rejected cases.

1. Buyers are all my years old buyers who purchased and paid previously at least 4 times via paypal for ebay sales.
2. so many consecutive rejected payment threatens my sales and business
rejection is not from payer's bank or credit card but directly by payoneer.

Payment Request ID: 1002286,
Status: Payment rejected. Payment Declined,
Declined On: 17.7.2016,
Paid with Credit Card
Country Australia
related payment Id 28259341
Payment Request ID: 999001
Status: Payment rejected, Payment Declined
Declined On: 17.7.2016
Paid with Credit Card
Country USA
related payment Id ID28346090
Payment Request ID: 1000336
Status: Payment rejected, Payment Declined
Declined On: 14.7.2016
Paid with Credit Card
Country USA
related payment Id 28180520

question: WHAT IS GETTING ON?what is the reason for payment rejection for each case? I am really in trouble. I cannot keep my clients upon so many payment rejections. they do not have to struggle with payoneer problems, they just will go away and buy from other sellers possibly paypal accepting ones?
it is not possible to reach live chat in even working hours. payoneer help became like a deaf wall.

(I am a seller in etsy as well and I am watching some issues with their own payment system though irrelevant to payoneer. Etsy direct checkout keeps rejecting and causing problems for buyers and seller processing payment. I reminded me
etsy direct checkout may use in fact payoneer in background. not sure but if it is not so, is there a general problem in payment processing??? in markets)


  • usmansiddiqui
    usmansiddiqui Member Posts: 10 ✭✭
    Is your problem resolved? I am facing same
  • Payments can be rejected for a variety of reasons. Sometimes additional information is needed and we do not receive it, or the banks or card issuers block it on their end. Please contact our support center for more information regarding your specific payments.
  • BrunoB
    BrunoB Member Posts: 5
    I understand that most of the times the rejection has nothing to do with Payoneer itself, however it's happening to me more and more often (more than 6 times now), and I can't be troubling my clients everytime. I tried requesting the same payment from the same client through Paypal and voilà, it came trhough right away without any further problem. I really think this could represent a major flood of clients from Payoneer to Paypal or other services.
    They should find a way to solve this instead of explaining us that this HUGE issue is caused by a variety of reasons, while other services simply don't have it.
  • jayasena_panduka
    jayasena_panduka Member Posts: 2
    i also have same problem . I have submited all relevent details they ask . Also they have taken my customer USD 20 . Still not refund to customer account .