How to contact you if the access is blocked ???

HMediaHMedia Member Posts: 2

since one month my access is blocked ... for a month I try to communicate with you via e-mail.
I only get standard answers that do not help me.

You have requested documents by mail. This I have already on 05/07. sent in 2016

To date, I have no answer!
I think answers to these mails reads nobody!

Therefore, I would like to communicate via e-mail !!!
But this is only possible with a given subject - and then only come standard answers NOT always help!
A proper communication is not possible!

Please give me an email address where mail will be read and answered! My preferred language is German.
Sorry, but I do not speak, or only a little english.

In August my card expires. Therefore, I urgently need access to a new order to be able to. update while trying my address is your system stopped. Since my access is blocked. This is already one month ago!
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