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My story with Payoneer : When I lost $3300

rony4k Member Posts: 1
I begun using Payoneer when I was in Cameroon. Payoneer is a financial services business that provides online money transfer and e-commerce payment services.

I used this service for receive payment for my remote work. When I left Cameroon, I retired from my remote job. I decided to transfer all amount on my account through my local bank account.

Payoneer Customer Service said that I must first change my country localization. When I sent the documents which prove my new residential address, Payoneer didn’t approve the documents. I sent another document, but after many weeks I didn’t receive a response from Payoneer. It’s when I contacted Payoneer Customer Services via online chat for an explanation I expressed my disappointment that my country location has been changed.

Before I was proceeding to transfer money on my bank account, I was surprised when I saw the first December 2015. I saw almost 30 unauthorized transactions provided by the ATM in India.

I immediately called the Customer Services and blocked my credit card. I asked for explanation about this. The man on the phone was very kind, and he told me that my card was cloned and in this case, I will get completely refunded and I don’t need to make a justice pursuit, but the process is going to take 90 days.

It was more than three months after I didn’t receive any news from payoneer. After many emails at customer service, they sent me a message claiming that I will receive a “Good Will Refund” of $1450 (on $3300 that I lost), without any other explanation. I replied that I didn’t accept that, because:
1- Despite the chip credit card exit since many years, my credit didn’t have a chip. So, It was easier to cloned it;
2- I don’t understand why Payoneer didn’t discover an illegal activities on my account the point were almost 30 unauthorized transactions was made;
3- If Payoneer had quickly processed the changing on my localization, I could transfer my balance on my local bank account before the compromising of my credit card;
4- 4- Why this happen when I want to transfer money of my payoneer account on my local bank account, however, I used payoneer during more than 3 years.
At that moment the payoneer Customer service become aggressive, and told me that if I didn’t stay happy I can launch pursuit against MasterCard.

When I replied that “The other banks refund all of the amount you lose when your card has been cloned, so why doesn’t payoneer do the same?” They told me that “Payoneer is not a bank, but an online payment solution”.