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Payoneer just blocked all my clients because of one client's generosity

luisalvarado Member Posts: 13 ✭✭
Payoneer just blocked all my clients because of one client's generosity:

I now have all clients blocked to ask for payment requests for projects after basically taking a year to moving them from PayPal to Payoneer. What in the world is going on with Payoneer now?

Just in case the background is very short:

1. One client wanted to send an additional payment for a job well done (call it donation, a bonus paid, whatever you wish to call it).

2. The payment was blocked by Payoneer because in the terms of services it appears nobody can get donations, gifts or anything related to it. Ok no problem, the legality here is not very human like but more corporate like which I can work with but I do not agree with for many social/human reasons.

3. I told client to not send donations since they were block from Payoneer.

4. Today I find out during a live chat that the client was banned forever for sending me any more payments because of one mistake. So basically, I can't work through Payoneer with him forever. Kudos to Payoneer. Super smart there. Instead of sending a warning of some sort, you ban the client.

5. Now, about 20 minutes ago, I find out ALL clients are banned from me for sending any additional payment. What in the world? Did payoneer just go crazy or what? So now I can't work because one client wanted to give me a bonus payment and now, not only do they all get banned from payment requests but now I can't send any payment requests?

Who is going to answer this here? Please let me know, to take final decisions on whether I should simply go back to PayPal and literally promote against Payoneer.


  • abelpoly
    abelpoly Member Posts: 3
    The payment request, Payment send and withdraw option has disappeared from My home page. I couldn't understand what is happening to my account. the system also declined a previously sent Payment request. what can I do?