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My payer sent documents already

Hi and good day!

Today one of my payers, sent me a personal load of $520.00. Payment number 28782410.
After verification, I saw the message "Missing information, please contact Customer Support"
Then I ask my payer to check his email, he confirmed me he recieved an email from Payoneer and will take care of things.
After one hour he emailed me and said me he sent documents to you, then call your customer service, and have been told: documents have been received and we are happy with them.
So I would like to know:
Why on status I still see "Missing information, please contact Customer Support"? I hope will not take more than some hours to clear the thing, and I hope that will not happen again with this payer.
Looking forward for your help, you can also send me a PM, if have personal details to communicate to me.