Surprisingly Payoneer never reply email!!!

pay2suraj Member Posts: 2
I am so much disappointed with the service of Payoneer, I am just fadeUp of writing emails.

My client had paid me on 11 th July 2016 and still not credited into my account. I have submitted necessary document as well. Invoices and my Govt PAN card as well. I just don't know where to mail to get the reply at least.

I tried customer care as well but no human reply. Just struggling how much a person can be get frustrated. I am looking still there is any hope!

My Payment ID : 28130259
Payment Request ID : 998337

my email id : [email protected]


  • loureirorg
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    If it helps, Payoneer support is not very good (to say the least), but they always had answered me. Sometimes it takes several days, though. And their answers are always generic, not too much helpful. They need to improve this, as it can hurt its credibility. In their defense, I should say that I had received a good sum of money through them (at least 50k usd) since I started my account, about 1 year ago. And I continue receiving money through them. So, they are, in my opinion, credible, just have an awful support.
  • loureirorg
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    Also, be aware that you need to reply the confirmation email. Otherwise they won't answer you.

    I know this is weird and misleading, but look at the confirmation emails you got:

    "This is an automatic reply. If this message does not resolve your issue, please reply with further details and we will be happy to assist you."