Got money onto wrong card

I've lost my card recently, so I asked customer support to get me a new card (after awful amount of time waiting in queue for chat, and unsuccessful call resulted only in lost money spent on confirming email letter by letter etc.).
I was thinking that in some point of conversation the customer support specialist will present me two options of card delivery - regular mail and DHL, but he didn't - after confirming shipped address he said it is to be delivered by regular mail. I asked it to be delivered by DHL instead, he said that he will cancel the old card that was ordered by regular main and order a new one by DHL.
I have received the card by DHL and successfully activated it. But the second card is present on my account too (not activated). When I have withdrawn money from Upwork, it got into wrong card, not the one is delivered to me and activated. So, I can't access my money on that wrong card.

How can I transfer money from the wrong card to right one? And how to make sure that new withdrawals from Upwork will transfer money to the correct card?

P.S.: Why ordering a new card requires communication with customer support? Why not make it an automated process having a user to fill a form, answer some security questions online, etc.? Especially given the inadequate responsiveness of your customer support being so overwhelmed by requests, why have humans doing it?
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