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1st step amazon seller registration is ur "info verification" using ur card .can payionner do it

libyantiger Member Posts: 4
i am from

when i want to sell some items on amazon and sign up for seller account

they would ask for a credit card "for verification purposes" that has information that match info

that i entered in etc etc

..can i use payioneer ?????? in my country we dont have any real credit card

all are a pre-paid...and since payioneer is a prepaid i suspect it will make much difference

since i remember when i applied for the payioneer card

i entered my real physical address which is in libya and thus it is my billing address

however payioneer allow me to put my usa address as shipping address by which i can receive my

card without involving them in the hassle of sending the card to libya

do you think you guys that if i register in amazon and put every thing as it as "the truth"

my psychical billing address : libya etc etc

my shipping address: usa ny etc etc

my name : gandel fathe etc etc

amazon will accept me as seller ..? or the truth that the card is prepaid it wont work whether my

info is accurately matching what is in the payioneer card or not matching it !!!!!????!!!!???!!!!???


  • libyantiger
    libyantiger Member Posts: 4
    looks like no help in this forums
  • libyantiger
    libyantiger Member Posts: 4
    thanks for reply however i didnt get your meaning...i guess you mean that i should use other card for identity and address verification and only later i can add my payioneer and activate us account service and start receive money at that account ...??