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Will I get $25 bonus being registered without refferal as seen on welcome page? And after $100 VISA?

asert03 Member Posts: 3
1) Hi! Just have seen "Register and get $25" on main page and then saw it's necessary to join by a refferal to get it - so I will no get a bonus at all after $100 payment on my account?
2) If I will receive a $100 payment not from partners or GPS - just over VISA or any regular cash-in transfer, so will I get a refferal bonus for joining a friend?
3) I registered account myself, not from partner site - but I will receive money from him - am I be able to card-to-card option or not?
4) Can I have few or only one account?
5) I live with neighboor on the same post address - If he register and order a card - should it cause blocking of any of our accounts?
Thank You!