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Trying to get a hold of a real person..

alitayy91 Member Posts: 2
I know this is the wrong place to post this but there aren't any other available categories.

I read that there were two shipping options for faster shipping. $22 and $30. I would like to pay one of these but I don't know if my card has already shipped. When I send an email, I Just get auto responses and the live chat closed super early apparently. I'd just like to figure this out. The auto reply email is telling me it will charge me $50...but that's not what the faq said.. I don't want to pay that much but I need a card sooner than a month (the estimated arrival)

If they have already shipped a card, can they disregard that one and send a new one and have me pay $22 for faster shipping to get here before the card I don't want anymore? If someone could give me some insight on this, that'd be great..