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Merchant Application Form

dragan4 Member Posts: 1
edited August 2016 in Meet and Greet
Did anyone have problem with submitting 'Merchant application form'? I filled in all fields and checked 'policy' checkbox but 'Submit and continue' button is not clickable! Please advice how to solve this problem because my payment will not be processed until I send this application.


  • vladaz86
    vladaz86 Member Posts: 0
    I get this message within an email every time I receive a payment.

    "In order to continue using Payoneer’s online payment platform and avoid future delays, please fill out the application form."

    I click "get started" fill out the form, but then, PROBLEM.

    I can't click the submit button, it's not clickable. It's like I'm clicking on the white area on the page, nothing happens.

    Someone have the same problem??? And possibly the solution???

    Thanks you in advance.
  • Rashid1965
    Rashid1965 Member Posts: 1
    My transaction will be donation
  • StanislavUA
    StanislavUA Member Posts: 2
    I have the same problem. Please somebody explain to me how to fix this.
  • StanislavUA
    StanislavUA Member Posts: 2
    Ok, guys... I was lucky to live until Payoneer help chat answers. Here's the solution to this problem. Since lots of people don't know what a Refund Policy is, they choose No Refund / Exchange and then leave the next field (Refund Policy URL) empty. That's logical. Why would you paste a link to something you don't have, right? Wrong. That's what keeps the Submit & Continue button inactive. You need to paste some URL there to continue. In my case I copied the link to my behance profile (for the second time in the application form) and everything worked.

    Greetings from Ukraine and may the force be with you ;)
  • theoneandonly
    theoneandonly Member Posts: 3
    Cool. Then happens?