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mahamaha Member Posts: 1
hello admins

I have google adsense active account and i am getting monthly payment, my question i that

"Can i attach my this account with payoneer card to get my google adsense payments"
"Are Payoneer providing any card for this "



  • Mumtaz MahmoodMumtaz Mahmood Member Posts: 31 ✭✭
    Payonner is not providing any card for Google AdSense, but you can receive payment into your payoneer card if your Adsense account is from Canada or United States. Because Adsense allows Canadian and US Adsense accounts to receive payment with electronic fund transfer.
    You can apply for US Payment Service on payonner and you will receive bank number and a routing number after 1-2 week. By this account and routing number you cab receive payment from Google Adsense.
    Hope You will be satisfied with my answer.... more details will be provided to you by Nissim or David.
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