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My account will be closed and nobody tell me why!!

Hi, since a month ago that I cant receive payments, all them where blocked. Nobody gave me a reason. I´ve tried help by support ticket, by email, by chat, but everyone said the same: "your account is temporarily blocked" but they didnt know the reason but they can't helped me neither. I've tried every place but always was the same response: "we dont know, sorry, we cant help you", or "we are reviewing and analyzing your account".... This way, all the time, during a month and a little... and now, today, at this morning, I just receive this email:

""""""""This message is to inform you that unfortunately, in accordance with Payoneer's Terms and Conditions, we will no longer be able to provide you with a payment solution.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. In order to avoid delayed or declined payments, we advise that you not attempt to send any additional payments to your Payoneer account.
Your account will be disabled in 5 business days, on 9/4/2016.
Please be sure to access any available account balance by that time, as once your account is disabled you will be unable to access those funds.

Customer Care""""""""

They dont give me any reason, they say in accordance with Payoneer´s Terms and Conditions but dont say what!! I only use my prepaid card to receive payments from my service in tourism, in Brazil. I used it to pay Facebook marketing and buy domains and web development stuff. That´s all... I am so disgusting with the service!! Did anybody pass for the same? Anybody can help me?? I totally angry with Payoneer!!