URGENT: My payoneer card what out of my sight for a brief moment. What should I do?

I am in a really frustrating situation.

I am traveling around Brazil and I am not sure if I am over reacting or not. I just went to a Vivo store at a fancy mall to get internet for my phone (Vivo is like T-mobile) here.

The employee (who wasn't very friendly by my lack of portuguese) tried to oversell me and finally agreed to give me what I was asking.

The strange part begins when after charging my Payoneer card he said to me that "he mistakenly entered the wrong amount" and then went "inside" with the POS and my card to issue a refund.

He came back 5 minutes lated with the refund ticket (which looks real but I don't see on my Payoneer transaction list yet)

Then he made the correct transaction. I felt the whole episode was shady, but at the moment didn't want to confront the employee.

I came home immediately and changed my PIN number (and I don't see any incorrect transaction), but I am worried that he might still make purchases online, even without my PIN.

I was thinking of canceling the card but it is my only source of money while traveling. I also have to add that on another trip 2 years ago money was also stolen from my Payoneer card in San Pablo. At that time I was not aware that was a "thing" and didn't realize to change the PIN.

I am safe by changing the PIN, or what should I do?

Thanks in advance.


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    I know it's a late response but yeah..  changing the PIN would help with the transactions but there are purchases that can be made without the need of PIN. Especially online purchases. It is weird that he walked away with your card. I also live in Sao Paulo and I keep my eyes open for such things as well when using my international cards. Hope all worked out well for you.

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