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Serious linking problems

Nad_js Member Posts: 1
edited September 2016 in Ask The Community
Hey community,

See i applied for the US payment service (if u remb) long ago so that i can link my paypal. after 3 years my card got expired & i removed my bank account from paypal (i didn't link my card, i linked my payoneer account ). now since there is a new service (Global PS) this is what is happening :

- I have two different USD accounts in global payment service page (First bank century & bank of america) -- this means i have both the old service (US PS) and the new one (Global PS)
- I couldn't link my paypal anymore to neither my new card nor my accounts (both)
- paypal support told me that the problem lies on payoneer's side in which they decline the 1$ exchange (which means paypal is not responsable for the linking problem)

** btw, i have balance in my payoneer, so the 1$ exchange op should work. & i tried to call support, but no answer.
** i believe the existence of both accounts (services) confused payoneer to accept the 1$ exchange (to confirm the card/account on paypal's side)

SO MY QUESTION : have anyone had the same problem?