Get cash from ATM in Sweden

Hi, I have a big problem with getting cash from my USD Payoneer card in Sweden. I have tried many ATMs and the maximum amount I could get is 2000SEK for one transaction, it is about 300USD. Conversion rate is very low and I could get only SEK. Please, help me to find an ATM where I could get more per one transaction? I live in Falun.


  • abas_ahmadise
    abas_ahmadise Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for your answer. About USD I have understood. I live in a small city, but I have limit 2000SEK per transaction, it is 250USD now, so to get 1000USD I have to pay 3.15 fee 4 times, it is 12,60USD, also conversion course is smaller for 15%. Who lives in Sweden, advice please!