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Hello, I have transferred funds from my payooner account to my bank account last September 1, 2016 however until today the amount was not yet credited, I already reach customer service and they had given me reference number , it already pass 2 days but didn't receive an notification about the status of my funds transfer been waiting for the fund to be available for the past 7 days I really need it urgent because I was scheduled to deliver my baby next week so I need to pay for my hospitalization, what do I need to do? Please help I am really upset about this.


  • donrichie19donrichie19 Member Posts: 3
    Me too. Was paid on september 1st 2016 and until now, I still have not seen the money in my account. Is this how they behave? This is my first time using payoneer and am already frustrated. But Madam, have you finally seen your money?
  • therobctherobc Member Posts: 2
    Me too, I requested a bank transfer and still got no money at all. They advertise on the website they only take 3 business days... todays is the 11th... And customer services really dont know what is happening they always give different answers, this is a really bad service.
  • jatinsaprajatinsapra Member Posts: 2
    Same for me. Received payment from Envato on 7th & got email saying bank withdrawl processed with Payment ID 30613599. Not received till today, 12 September night already. They say it would be credited within 3 working days, which are already over. Don't know what is going on, no proper response. Chats are always busy, phone numbers mentioned on site doesn't exist :(

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  • therobctherobc Member Posts: 2
    My transfer issue was fixed last monday. I have to say they replied to me and worked my issue very quickly. Thank you Payoneer.
  • donrichie19donrichie19 Member Posts: 3
    That's cool. Though I am still waiting for my issue to be resolved.
  • wingswebmediawingswebmedia Member Posts: 5
    The funds transferred on 1st still not credit into the account. Whats the problem, this delay is long delay. No reply from live chat, customer support, anyone please help.

    I got an email that my request is resolved and i was sent payment again on 9th of september which i did not received yet.

    Called payoneer but Indian number dont work, then why keep the calling option?

    Had a live chat and they say you have successfully sent payment on 9th. Called bank and chased up couple days. Bank said they did not received any funds. I am bouncing from payoneer to bank and bank to payoneer.

    I see lot of issues with payoneer recently. Please help resolve my case.

    Its been long time now.
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