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Payneer and PayPal card/bank linking new issue

markokrstic Member Posts: 52 ✭✭
Hello guys, 

I have Payoneer account around 4-5 years, never had any issue. My GF opened Payoneer account few days ago. She cant add bank account on her PayPal. She contacted Payoneer and the said she need to link Payoneer card first. And there is and issue. How she will link Payoneer card if she can not withdraw first some money on Payoneer bank account? When I opened Payoneer, I first linked bank account, I withdraw some money first and then I linked Payoneer card. This means, now there is a no way to link Payoneer card to PayPal because user doesnt have money on card for verification and user dont have solution to send some money on card first. You should give some $$$ to new users, for example 2-3 USD then they can verify their cards on PayPal. Anyway PayPal refund that money always and you can take it after verification.