Why I think payoneer got the WORST login system I've ever seen

shmenky Member Posts: 1
I know this is a community forum - but I hope someone up there would see it.
Just tried to log in to my account - one try and BANG - OUT FOR 30 minutes.
Hello guys - it's 2016 - we've got over 100 passwords to keep in our mind - you are not the only system in the world you know.
So I said ok - let's reset the password - well, you can't.
Why? - cause you have been locked out.
So let's try and get someone on live char - oh wait - you have to LOG IN for that - but you are locked out.
I'm working in the field of computer security - and this system is just the worst one I've met so far in terms of user usability.

Thank you for wasting my time.
The service was a visa login of Israel Post Bank.

Give AT LEAST 3 TIMES to try, give the ability to recover password after failure, learn from Paypal, Google, Amazon etc.