"Missing information, please contact Customer Support" for about a week

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I've already sent you a request (number 160908-006604, 160913-013524) 6 days ago, and I was told that I'll get an answer within 3 business days, but today is the 4th business day, and there's no answer.

Anyway, my issue is related to "Request Payment" service. I've requested two payments from my client, he paid them from his credit card at 08th September and 09th September. Right after the first payment is done, I've received an email from you and I was told to fill up the questionnaire and provide my documents (passport), and I've done it immediately (at 08th September). Then I had to wait until today (5 days!), and today my client received an email with ID request too. He sent the documents to you, and the status of my payments is still "Missing information, please contact Customer Support".

I thought it should be much faster. Anyway, it seems like you now have all the documents you need to release my payments. I've been waiting for them for almost a week (but was told it would take about 2 business days), so - could you please tell me how much more should I wait before my funds are available? I really need these funds available as soon as possible.

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  • egycar
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    Any updates, as i have the same issue here?
    did your paymments got released?
  • riffaz
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    same here... they told me to wait 3 business days after I submitted the docs and form..
    what is the status of your payment now?