I'm not happy with payoneer

Sabeen Member Posts: 1
Everything was fine until I found an unauthorized transaction in my account which was only 3.78 US ( pre authorised transaction ) I reported Payoneer to stop this payment but instead of blocking this payment they block my card and informed me that they issued me a new card.
All my payment got stuck and I waited one month for this new card but it never reach so I paid extra $50 for DHL expedited shipping plus $12.95 for card replacement fee.

Now another nightmare is that I am not able to transfer funds into my local bank account and tried three times but after waiting of one week each time an email confirm me that the transfer was rejected due to "bank cannot process"
My local bank account is working perfectly and earlier this was a same account in which I always receive amount from payoneer. I checked with my local bank and they informed me that there is no any issue with my account and even today I receive international transfer into my account.
Now even my local bank account information not show in my payoneer account and they ask me to add new bank account ( only option is local currency)

I don't want to keep 100's of bank account and if there is any issue payoneer must explain the issue and provide any error code to me or to my local bank.

Is there anyone from payoneer who cares about customers?
Some emails was ignored and rest of them replied by no less than 5 days.

I'm sorry to say but now I'm seriuosly looking for an alternative option.