I have €400 in my Payoneer Eur balance, how do I load some of it onto the card?

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Here is what it states "€411.31 (€0.00 on card)". How do I load some of it on the card?


  • Adam_Payoneer
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    The card is replenished once every 12 hours in cases where the account balance is higher than the card balance. If the account balance is lower than that of the card, the funds should become almost immediately available on it. 

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    @Adam_Payoneer yesterday I activated the Prepaid Card 24 hours from now,and still I have €xxx but (€0.00 on card). Do I have to wait or what should I do?
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    The funds on the balance are automatically loaded to the card to which it is associated . If your EUR card is associated to your balance, we recommend you make sure to choose the correct last four digits of it when checking the balance also you can directly contact our support center in order to verify the details associated to your account.