1st September 2016 Payment yet not received in bank

The funds transferred on 1st still not credit into the account. Whats the problem, this delay is long delay. No reply from live chat, customer support, anyone please help.

I got an email that my request is resolved and i was sent payment again on 9th of september which i did not received yet.

Called payoneer but Indian number dont work, then why keep the calling option?

Had a live chat and they say you have successfully sent payment on 9th. Called bank and chased up couple days. Bank said they did not received any funds. I am bouncing from payoneer to bank and bank to payoneer.

I see lot of issues with payoneer recently. Please help resolve my case.

Its been long time now.

Payment ID:


  • wingswebmediawingswebmedia Member Posts: 5
    my payment is received. thanks
  • TheZoxTheZox Member Posts: 39 ✭✭
    So it took 3 weeks to receive the payment. Is this typical or is sometimes faster?

    With a professional companies it usually takes about 1-2 day.

  • wingswebmediawingswebmedia Member Posts: 5
    Hi @TheZox ,

    It usually takes 2 to 4 hours from payoneer to bank however last month in September they had some technical issues and hence the delays. I was also worries as it took so long but normally does not happen. After that i got two more payments which were pretty fast.

  • MadacapMadacap Member Posts: 1
    Reference Number: 160922-001921
    Customer ID: 15076969
    I have been waiting for a payment for more than two weeks!
    It was send the 16/09 and it is still not on my account.
    At first they told me to wait now they're saying that my bank could not process it, which is funny because my bank could process all the money they send for the last 7 months, including the one just after the one that didn't go through...
    It was written on my account history "processed and loaded", now it is "in process" which is not reassuring because I need it this week to pay my rent..They asked for a bank statement which I send last week but still no money and something worse the newest payment I was supposed to receive this week is now marked as "pending to be processed"... so I am now waiting for two payments!
    Not sure what the problem is with my account. But I need it to be fixed!
  • lesterjoverlesterjover Member Posts: 9
    hi same thing happen to me my client send me the money but payoneer sent me an email requiring my Id and all other information and i uploaded it . but still havent heard from them and they havent sent an email back. pls anyone can help me out on what to do or should i just wait
  • davidfr974davidfr974 Member Posts: 4
    Same problem here... waiting my money on ma bank account. Payment is said "Process and loaded" since 2 weeks... Still have nothing on my bank account...
  • aalovelybebeaalovelybebe Member Posts: 74 ✭✭
    :'( hello same here, im still waiting for my money to arrived to my atm , payoneer said wait for 3 business days my father need to undergo eye surgery and hoping my money would arrived today :( the payment said " processed and loaded "
  • aalovelybebeaalovelybebe Member Posts: 74 ✭✭
    Hello guys just an up date. I get already my money :)
  • nomoneynotfunnynomoneynotfunny Member Posts: 1
    Last Month was a month from HELL, it took 13 days for me to receive my money, and it didn't go to the correct bank. I am STILL WAITING on my October 16th payment as Payoneer had the incorrect swift code and bank name. I have called over, and over again, and yet i cannot get any help with this problem. Their customer care has informed me they would send out a form to help my bank locate the funds, I still have not received it, it's been over 3 weeks. My most recent payment, that was issued on Nov 1,2016. The most recent payment had all correct information but yet i have not yet received the funds. I have called every day and yet still no solution to my problem. I NEED THIS RESOLVED ASAP
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