Payoneer charged value on my card on cancelled purchase

I have purchased an IPhone at Apple online store with the option to pickup on the store. Right before the purchase was done the value was charged on my prepaid card. Minutes after Apple sent an email telling that they could not verify my bank info and I could cancel the purchase. So I cancelled and received the message that the amount was going to be refunded but nothing yet. No news from payoneer .


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    While rare, a handful of stores work with credit card processors that either don't support or support very specific prepaid card banks. For US residents who receive a US issued prepaid card, this issue does not come up in most cases, however if your prepaid card was issued outside the US, this is probably the reason why it happened.

    While in most cases the card is just declined and nothing happens, sometimes the processor managed to grab the money but is unable to complete the transaction because it figured out the type of card you have. This is why you are seeing this limbo. 

    When this happens, there are two ways you can approach this:

    • Transactions that are held more than 10 days are automatically released and the funds return to the card right away. This is true for all transactions that are not related to rentals and room services (hotels, hostals, ect.)
    • Contact Payoneer so they can assist you in finding a way to release the pending transaction as soon as possible. 

    The good news is that no matter what, as long the merchant does not complete the transaction the money will be back in your account. If you have a large transaction that is pending, I would recommend you contact Payoneer for assistance in getting the money back as soon as possible.

    Happy and willing to answer general questions.

    For any inquiries directly associated to your Payoneer account, please contact Payoneer's Customer Care Support Center.