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cloned debit card unauthorized charges

R0b0 Member Posts: 1
I highly recommend to drop Payoneer, do not use their debit card. They have totally unsecured system prone to be hacked.

I had 2 fraudulent charges on my debit card tot. $ 1382.72.
Now Payoneer and parent company Ubiquity (Dispute Processing Service overseas)
are trying to make it nearly impossible for me to file a dispute and get my money back. They are a SCAM!

May 19 I was contacted by Payoneer regarding 2 flagged suspicious transactions for total amount of $ 1382.72. I immediately called Customer Service (CS) to stop them and block my card.
Their CS did not advised me at that time, to take no action and stated: they would initiate an investigation on these claims and get back to me.

Jun 29 I called for a follow up, Payoneer admitted the 2 transactions were debited to my card. Although my card was blocked, they can only identify but cannot reverse fraudulent charges.
They advised me: I should have filed a dispute in May I only have 60 days window to file a dispute form.

Jul 6 I filed the dispute forms by email and called in to get a confirmation: Payoneer received it and no more action from my side is expected.

Jul 10 I received an email from Payoneer: In order to dispute a transaction made with your Payoneer card, kindly contact the service line under the toll-free number 1-855-398-5124
I disregard this note as I had already filed my dispute forms and it was received.

Sep 16 I call back CS for a follow up and I am being informed they have outsources the dispute center to company Ubiquity and I have to contact them.

Sep 19 I contact Ubiquity, they ask me to re-file the forms all over again. They email me the form but they only accept claims by FAX or Regular Mail.

Sep 20 I send again dispute form to Ubiquity via FAX, hopefully they will process it. Already 4 months went by.