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Payoneer transfer from Sept. 20 not in bank account

indoxyl Member Posts: 1
So I make a living using one of the many Payout Companies that Payoneer works with. I transfered money on the 20th and it says my money was processed and loaded on the same day.

Now one week later (29th, today), it's still not in my account.

What I can't figure out is if this is the fault of Payoneer or the fault of my bank.

I've called both my bank and payoneer and they say everything is normal on my accounts.

I'm not sure where to go from here.

I'm so stressed out because thats all the money I have and I cant even get it.


  • 50Naira
    50Naira Member Posts: 9
    what is the name of the company you earn with that pays through payoneer
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  • davidfr974
    davidfr974 Member Posts: 2
    Hi ! I'm having the same problem !

    I have a transfer made on 09/22/2016. The statut is "Processed and loaded".... but still I haven't received the money on my bank account.

    I did not have the problem with mt firsts transfers and now : problem ! Why ?

    Still waiting for the support to answer me.
  • davidfr974
    davidfr974 Member Posts: 2
    indoxyl, did they find a solution ? Did you have your money or are you still waiting for a solution ?