Why do I need to add bank account to register?

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I only want prepaid master card , i do not need bank account to withdraw money. Is it not possible to upload ID or something? Do I really need to add bank account to register? Under last step number 4 (almost done) its says I need to add bank account details.


  • thiagoff8
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    Hello i have same problem. And on page speech that does not need a bank account
    The support does not give news or anything ...
  • Orator
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    @DejanD & @thiagoff8, both of you can add your Bank Account Info in step 4 while signing up. It's a part of the procedure at this moment. Even your dormant Bank Account info will do if you don't wish to withdraw money via your Bank Account. But you have to give information which are correct and you have to add your Bank Account Info. Then you can request your prepaid card which will be shipped to your Mailing Address.

    Hope That Helps
  • Rooka
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    @DejanD & @thiagoff8

    Hey there,
    If you only need the Mastercard, just call the CS and ask them that!
    they will send you a link to your email where you can sign up only for the Card.
    Good Luck and keep on woking!!