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Hi there,
I am Abid from Bangladesh. I am new but active web developer working via oDesk. For withdrawal, I selected payoneer and already got approval.

As I am new user, I need to know all details about payoneer system.
It is a matter of “MONEY” & “SECURITY”. I mean, exactly where the money are being stored or how the system work...?
I mean, obviously it is not like normal banking system, or is it? In bank, I know exactly where or how my money is working.
But in online payoneer, I don’t have any document or bill. And I am from a far away. If ever any problem occur, I can not solve it if I don’t have all information & regal documents.

Before I activate my mastercard, please can you clarify deeply about your process and all the programs, systems and so on?

I have got approval, so will I now get the card within 25 days or I have to ask for delivering?

And when I was trying to email for support, it is really disgusting. I mean, contacting way is poor. It don't load properly. It takes almost half an hour. Then I came here and now posting.

Hope to get proper help,
Best regards,
Abid H.


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    Hey Abid,

    Your Payoneer card is a prepaid debit MasterCard card, issued by Choice bank. Payoneer adheres to the highest levels of security and privacy in order to ensure the financial security of our cardholders. You can read a little more about it in details here:

    Your Payoneer account is managed electronically, meaning that while you do not receive a paper bill in the mail you can check your account status and history at any time by going to your online My Account page. You can search prior history and export the details if you'd like to store them personally.

    If you've received the e-mail confirmation informing you that the card has been approved, it will be automatically mailed out and you will receive it within 25 business days (roughly 6 weeks).

    As for support, while there may at times be high call and chat volumes, I assure you that we do the best we can to offer the highest level of support possible. We offer telephone, live chat and e-mail support at, and of course you can always check out our forums and online blog for further details.

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