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What is a merchant account and why do I need it to receive the payment?

riffaz Member Posts: 5
I am an individual and doing some freelancing.
I started to use Payoneer since last month.
I've received two invoices paid by the same clients last month.
I sent another invoice today for the same client and he paid.
But I received an email and it said "Information Required to Receive a Payment".
When I click on the link from email it goes to "Merchant Application Form"

What is my current account type and what is a "Merchant Account" ? :/

As I'm very early stage and just a single person I do not have a website but website field is mandatory on that "Merchant Application Form"
How starters like us can afford that or receive payments without a website? :(

Since I was able to receive payment for my last two invoices from the same client by last month, why do you require this step suddenly? :#

If it is necessary how can I fill up that form and submit when I do not have a website? :/

How long will it take to credit my money to my Payoneer account after I submit this form? :o

and I am working for a UK company too.
I've received their 1st payment on the same day the salary paid on last month.
They pay every 8th of a month.
Will it take some extra time or need to process any other steps like this again when they pay the next salary (08th of Oct 2016) ??? :'(


  • theoneandonly
    theoneandonly Member Posts: 3
    Interestingly, I am experiencing a similar PROBLEM right now and I on the verge of GETTING MAD!!
  • theoneandonly
    theoneandonly Member Posts: 3
    edited November 2016
    Why can't the PAYONEER guys help us when we need them most? They take AEONS to respond to messages!
  • Alokin
    Alokin Member Posts: 1
    Same happened to me today. How long did you have to wait for resolution?
  • sammyblackwiseman
    sammyblackwiseman Member Posts: 38 ✭✭

    I have the same problem..I'd really like to know what's going on, my payments have been pending for two weeks now

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