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Please advice

I have a problem for receiving money on my Payoneer
kindly find attached screen shot
Please your support to fix it ASAP.
Thanks and regards


  • AlaaHussein2016
    AlaaHussein2016 Member Posts: 7
    edited October 2016
    Have I got a letter from driving companies across payoneer mgid
    When we've tried to send you the revenues, your Payoneer said that there are issues and the revenues have been sent back to us. Please set another working Payoneer and then tell me so that we could send you the money.
    Is there a problem with my account? Where there is more than a company that will send my payments this days
    reference number: # 161004-011039
  • AlaaHussein2016
    AlaaHussein2016 Member Posts: 7
    Now I receive dividends from another company without any problems
    I have now received dividends from another company and has already succeeded
    But other company I am having trouble receiving profits