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Hi, i have a problem with my PAyoneer Master card

1. I did everything that is to put up work as my funding source but i cant see it on my payoneer account.

2. When i go to Get PAid to Upwork it says that i have some problem with my payoneer ID and i can't witdraw my money.

3. I had ordered payoneer several years ago but the card never came to my address, when i was doing my new account which was with a different email i received a card. So, is there any problem with this, because payoneer knows my basic informations twice.

4. My brother has the same card as mine , but on the back on my PAyoneer card there is a word- prepaid. So is there any problem with that and upwork, because i dont know what is the diffrence?

I'm sorry for my english it a mess. :) Please help me


  • grsohan
    grsohan Member Posts: 10 ✭✭
    Upwork is very confusing in get paid should contact upwork support team to dis-connect your previous payoneer account or follow their instructions....if everything go fine than add the new one :)
  • Mafia
    Mafia Member Posts: 1

    Some day's before I got my payoneer card. I don't know how to active it but I see a lot tutorial, there a new payoneer card's have a option like this (To view your status and activate your card Click Here) but my card don't show it. I think I click this option(To view your status and activate your card Click Here) before getting for that it not show. so what I'll do now? If anyone know it please let me describe it.

    Md.Atikur Rahman