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My new card was never approved again?

vladoz Member Posts: 3
edited October 2016 in Freelancers
I had an oDesk and and Freelancer payoneer card and unfortunatelly I wasn't able to use their full potential. But I keep both cards in my drawer(expired of course).

This is like a third time I try to get another card and my application is not improved. The real problem that concerns me, I never understood why I cannot get new card?

I searched you support section but it is not really helpful. "Why my application was declined" just brings me to search more topics... :/

Also emailing you or real time chat does not bring results. I tried both quite a while ago and the people who responded didn't really gave me useful information. They started: Hello , how can I help you... bla bla. Once I said what is the problem, never got a response... :/

So again, why I cannot get new card and my application is not approved?

Is it beacuse I had already two cards before or some other reason?