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My account has been blocked for no reason

ABG2007 Member Posts: 8
I've been using Payoneer for more than 2 years without any problems but today I'm really upset. You have blocked my account without any reason nor any notification. It's only when I accessed my account that I've found a payment that has been rejected and noticed that no option for receiving or sending payments. I contacted your support service twice, they were for no help all their final answer was: we will send you an email once we have updates regarding your status. It has been now almost a month and I'm still not able to use my account. I know I haven't done any illegal transaction till now. All my payments sources are trusted companies by Payoneer: Freelancer, upwork, peopleperhour, guru. I have more than $800 in my account + the last rejected payment of $114 that has not been reversed to yet. That is causing me distress.


  • hichammoutaki
    hichammoutaki Member Posts: 5
    i am so upset too i am with payoneer since more than 4 years ago with no problems and all my payments sources are trusted too as i know payoneer is for people who are working online and by this dirty action they are destroyed our business, my bank card blocked since 3 day ago i called payoneer support they said the same things i ve contacted them on their page they said the same also on live chat i ve contacted CEO of payoneer "Scott Reynolds
    " on linkden hopfully he can see my message this crazy specialty we are getting payments and it's getting rejected
  • Flor Peña
    Flor Peña Member Posts: 18 ✭✭
    I have my card and account also blocked. I don't withdraw my money in any way. Customer does not explain anything about.
  • yulielima
    yulielima Member Posts: 2
    Hola quien me ayuda a desbloquear mi cuenta intente varias veces ingresar y no pude y tampoco pude entrar cuando me hicieron las preguntas de seguridad que debo hacer???
  • abdelmonsefalamary
    abdelmonsefalamary Member Posts: 1
    My account also and Customer does not explain anything about.
  • musliman
    musliman Member Posts: 2