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Payment Status is Processed but it takes more than 7 days to get money.

Demotron Member Posts: 1
Hello support,

I made a payment a couple of days ago and he hasn't got money yet. I understand that you're really busy I'm sorry about that. But I'll appreciate for some information or help from you. Thanks.
Here's what the reciever sees in his account:

Payment ID:
Payment Date (EST.):
10/05/2016 19:23
Payment Status:
Processed, Est load date on 10/05/16 7:26:17 PM
Estimated load date (EST.):
10/05/2016 19:26
Loader details:
Dmitry Polyanskiy
Amount to Load:
$XXXXX (applicable fees will apply)

Kind regards,
Dmitriy Polyanskiy.