cannot withdraw on ATM and process online transaction

I just tried to withdraw money through ATM but the card cannot be processed the money. I have tried it in 5 different ATMs and different banks but it was still the same. I cannot withdraw my money while the balance is more than enough to withdraw.

then I tried to buy some domain on domain registrar and process the payment through my payoneer fund balance on paypal, but it cannot be processed. it is said that 'Error occurred while doing payment. Please try again. Paypal payment failed. Description: Code : 10486, Description : This transaction couldn't be completed. Please redirect your customer to PayPal. ; while usually it is a succeed and there is no problem at all. but today it is failed.

my expiration date on card is still on 2017. my balance is also enough. I don't know what happen to my card or is there an error system or what. I also get charged when the payment cannot be processed for 5 transactions.

I have asked it through email but still do not get answered yet. I also tried to use live chat but it always not available due to high volume of inquires.

please help me.


  • dkwekdkwek Member Posts: 2
    I just received the respons from customer service. They are having some technical issue right now and still trying to solve it.
  • TinaBostonTinaBoston Member Posts: 3
    I have called support and used livechat....They both stated it was an issue that they are trying to work out and it should be fixed within 24 hours (though they do not expect it to take that long)....I just wish some sort of announcement was made since it has affected a lot of people to my knowledge..
  • MarichkaMarichka Member Posts: 41 ✭✭ when is deadline of these 24hours?
  • TinaBostonTinaBoston Member Posts: 3
    > @Marichka said:
    > when is deadline of these 24hours?

    No idea....I'm on eastern standard time and I called about 8 hours ago...So I'm guessing I have to give them at least 16 more hours to get whatever is going wrong fixed? And, if it's not working by then, to give them another call back.....The person said it was a network issue
  • PivonkaPivonka Member Posts: 2
    I have the same problem, can't withdraw money yesterday and the card was rejected in the shop. Friday I use my card in the pub without a problem. :/
  • MarichkaMarichka Member Posts: 41 ✭✭
    Today it works again
  • TinaBostonTinaBoston Member Posts: 3
    I was also able to withdraw money from the atm last night....I hope we never have to go through that again, that was scary
  • PivonkaPivonka Member Posts: 2
    not working today! wtf..???
  • regiomegiosregiomegios Member Posts: 2
    i just have this problem since yesterday. unable to use my balance in any way
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