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Possible non fullment of Terms and Condition


I got a payment on 3rd of October and it was transferred in may bank account on 4th, it's 15 today and still I haven't received a single penny in my account. I have tried to contacted customer support many times but they always reply with the same scripted message

Today I was going through terms and condition given on Payoneer website. Here's an excerpt from it

"Eligible Payments received by Payoneer on your behalf as OPGSP will be maintained in a Nostro collection account of an Authorized Dealer Bank in India, until being transferred (without further instruction or action from you) exclusively to your abovementioned bank account, by no later than seven (7) days from our receipt of such payment on your behalf, less any deductible Fees as detailed in the Terms and Conditions. All transfers to your bank account will be in Indian Rupees (INR) only."

It's clearly mentioned that the money should be transferred within 7 days. If Payoneer has transferred money then they should give us it's detail because every NEFT transaction has an associated transaction id.

What's your thought guys?