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payoneer has blocked my account without reason.

my account payoneer was blocked without any justification.
Payoneer is cheating and hurting users to act in such a way
all payoneer users very careful with this company can lose their money without notice.

Número de Referencia: 160826-015571
Número de Cliente: 7054717

Estimado/a Harold De La Hoz Herrera,
Respuesta (14/10/2016 03:57 PM)
Please note that once you applied to a Payoneer account you have agreed with the terms and conditions in wich we preserve the right to maintain or close accounts.

Please note that unfortunately we will not be able to provide our services and future payments will be rejected.

In order to receive the future payments please contact the payeer to find another payment solution.



Atención al Cliente

Fecha de Creación: 26/08/2016 03:43 PM
Última Fecha de Actualización: 14/10/2016 03:57 PM
Hello I am writing to bring to the attention of a problem with my account payoneer which was closed for no reason, the payoneer support service never me give details of why this was done, which I think innaceptable because it does not generate confiability receive income through associated companies if at any time, customer service payoneer can close your account without warning, without justification or details, thus losing all the money have deposited.
Fortunately I had no money saved at the time that was blocked my account, but if he had, would be causing me harm and damage economically.

I would to please help me in this case because it had been receiving income through an associate correctly and payoneer says it will not offer me more services without giving details.

I put conversations through e-mail I had with payoneer support.


Harold De La Hoz

Reference Number: 160826-015571
Customer ID: 7054717

Dear Harold De La Hoz Herrera,
Respuesta (10/10/2016 02:04 AM)
Your account has been closed for undisclosed reasons.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide you with our services at this point.


Payoneer Customer Care
Cliente (09/10/2016 04:00 PM)

Hola soporte payoneer les escribo para preguntar que ha pasado al respecto de este caso, mi cuenta completa dos meses bloqueada, porque ustedes se encuentran en una revision que no tiene limite de tiempo para resolver, me parece innaceptable, es demasiado tiempo para este tramite, lo cual perjudica a uno como cliente por no poder recibir pagos de ninguna empresa asociada.

Mas aun me parece grave, el hecho de que si hubiera tenido fondos en el momento del de dicho bloqueo estuviera padeciendo dificultades por no haber podido retirar dichos fondos por tan largo periodo de tiempo como ha transcurrido hasta el momento.