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Money lifted from my payoneer account


Two months ago my new Payoneer card got lost in the mail. I was told that I would be receiving a new one, free of charge. It was shipped via DHL. I successfully received and used it. No shipping fee was deducted.

Today- 2 months later- a $50 charge was lifted from my account for "shipping fees." I never asked for DHL shipping, the customer care agent told me it would be free of charge. (This email exchanged had the reference number:160708-003744) . Besides which, I have received several payments during those 2 months and no fee was lifted for the shipping which happened in August, so why is the shipping fee being lifted NOW?

As a side note- Payoneer cancelled my old expired card instead of the card that got lost in the mail. So now the lost card is marked "pending". Is this what caused the confusion? Since I never asked for DHL shipping and was assured that it would be "Free of Charge", the money should definitely be refunded to my account.

Can anyone help please?