Payoneer Us Payment Service

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Withdrawing Money from PayPal and other Select US corporations
The Payoneer US Payment Service is the most affordable way for Online entrepreneurs and freelancers to withdraw money from select US corporations including PayPal, Amazon,Apple and Google. Seamlessly, any Payoneer Card holder can now transfer money from the US companies directly to the Payoneer US Payment service bank account. Funds takes 3-5 days to clear and once the money is loaded on the Virtual Account, it will directly reflect on the Payoneer's debit card.

The money can then be dispensed at any Master Card branded ATM at a cost ranging from $2.15 to $3.15. Transferring funds from the US corporations to Payoneer attracts lower transaction fees of 1%. The US Payment service is a perfect choice for receiving your hard earned cash without any stress.

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