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Online Shopping fess and account to account transfer process

Hello there,
I'm a new user of Payoneer. I recently open a Payoneer account, I got a MasterCard, and it's activated. I never used this account for any transaction, payment or anything.

I want to buy something from by Payoneer MasterCard. How much will be the fee? Is it free or 3.15$? Confused.

If anyone wants to send money to my Payoneer account, will it automatically load in my MasterCard? Are there any fees? What is the process to send Payoneer account to account transfer ?
Thank You


  • Golam_Azam
    Golam_Azam Member Posts: 95 ✭✭
    Hey suprovatbit,
    Buying using payoneer master card is free of charge. Fees associated with Contact to for processing fees. If someone send USD to your account, the amount will automatically be loaded. Card to card transfer is free.
    For account withdrawal, select withdraw to bank and select your bank account. The minimum bank withdrawal is $50.

    Hope the answer helpful!!

    Thank You!
    Golam Azam
  • Afrinali
    Afrinali Member Posts: 1
    As salamualaikum warahmatullah.. Hello Brothers Everyone can you help me my Card is Approved but not Received .but how can Receive my payoneer card please please please help me.