Can I Accept My Payoneer Card After I Have Wrong Appllied ? I Have Wrong Applied, I Used To Be Fill

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in this case I filled direct local bank transfer.
Hello Customer support,

I really confused, I was wrong applied, I used to be fill payoneer card application, but I've filled application for direct local bank transfer. Can I still accept my payoneeer card ? Because actually I prefer accept my payoneer card, and because the card is the most important for me, as a member of stiforp, the payoneer card for prove for my stiforp marketing.I've been talking to live chat support, but it's look like the don't understand, they ask me to do this...."Please click on the registration link from your online account and than choose the card."
In stiforp there is no link anymore, if you have already registered. only written like this : (let me copy paste from stiforp)
here it is ..

Payment Option 2
Payoneer - Prepaid Debit MasterCard
Provided by

Stiforp offers its members a new fast, secure and cost effective payment method. Now you can get paid directly to a Stiforp Prepaid MasterCard®, which can be used online or in stores, or to withdraw cash in your local currency at an ATM! No bank account or credit checks are required. The registration for this card must be initiated from the link below in order for you to later receive commissions paid directly into your new Stiforp Prepaid MasterCard®.

Stiforp is now offering a Local Bank Transfer service powered by Payoneer. Payoneer's Local Bank Transfer Service allows you to receive your commission payments directly to your local bank account in your local currency at a very competitive fee. To sign up for the Local Bank Transfer Service, click on the Payoneer sign up link. The sign up for the Local Bank Transfer service is located underneath the prepaid card sign up. Select your country and you will be directed to the Local Bank Transfer Service sign up page.

Your Payoneer card has been Approved! To receive your commissions on this account make sure that you have selected option 2 on this page.

Please help me...I do not know what i have to do.... please tell me support, do I have to re-apply again ? or this mean I could accept my payoneer debit card ? If I have to re-apply.. how ?? or maybe I can apply from my payoneer acount ? from payoneer website ? Please Sir, or support help me....


Fransiskus Edward Steven


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    Do you still have the option in your Stiforp account to sign up for a card? If so, please submit a new application.

    If not, please PM me and I will provide you with further details.
    Director of Community at Payoneer
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