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Hi Payoneer Support.
On 18 November 2012, It was sunday in Pakistan. When i tried to withdraw 220$ ( 20,000PKR ) from a MCB(Muslim Commercial Bank) ATM, Machine Switched off instantly and my card was caught, the next day , i went to the bank and after filling a form they gave me my payoneer card. Today when i checked my account i was amazed that on sunday, my money was also deducted from my card. I went to the bank and they said that yes we have a 220$( 20,000PKR ) extra amount but you will have to ask your MasterCard bank to claim the money and our main branch will return the money to your account. Please help.

Thanks in Advance


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    It sounds like the ATM malfunctioned, and the bank is asking you to file a dispute.

    Please PM me the e-mail on yoru Payoneer account, and I will have a support representative contact you with further details on filing a dispute.
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