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My Account Blocker ? anyone please help me :(

hanifpram Member Posts: 5
Can my account be refunded? I want to change the profile (of people) in my account, I registered Payoneer for my father. But I put my data (I guess the data registries) I enter my date of birth, and it looks like one memasukanya.

My account is blocked, when I upload a National ID and I am under 18 years old. My father was angry with me, beg for Payoneer team immediately process my application.

National ID photos (Indonesian) KTP my father and I gave MY ID.
My dad existing account balances in

Anyone, please help me. My fate part of your contribution :(


  • aalovelybebe
    aalovelybebe Member Posts: 61 ✭✭
    hanifpram said:
    yes? sorry i cant help you with your problem i have problem here too my money not yet arrived on my bank so you better contact the support 
  • aalovelybebe
    aalovelybebe Member Posts: 61 ✭✭
    hanifpram said:
    this my screenshot
    you better contact the support because you can get relevant answer to your question
  • It's crucial that when you apply for an account with Payoneer, you provide accurate information. I suggest you contact Payoneer's customer care team to resolve this.
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