Payoneer $1000 Payment Raffle for Hard-Working Entrepreneurs

TechnicGeekTechnicGeek ✭✭Posts: 19Member ✭✭

I have received email about current promotion Payoneer is conducting and proceeded to send payment request to Bill. After request has been sent I received email with payment request from me to myself. Is this technical glitch?


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  • chuckanchuckan Posts: 1Member
    Same goes for me. I get the same e-mail, from myself requesting a payment to myself :P
  • dragonserbiadragonserbia Posts: 1Member
    Guys, be carefull regarding this emails.
    To me this looks like some fraud attemp from someone.
    I have got same email, and links doesn't look like they are from Payoneer (can't post screenshots here, so - do mouse over links, without clicks and see in browser what is page on which are you going to be redirected).
    It would be good to we get some confirmation from Payoneer, but I definetelly won't do any actions on this emails.
  • neatsoftneatsoft Posts: 2Member
    I recieved an email from [email protected] with links to Is it from Payonner or not? Looks like a phishing attack.
  • SoufyaneZSoufyaneZ Posts: 1Member
    Hi there!
    Same here. I submitted for the raffle, but when being confused I googled "Payoneer Bill Raffle" and I came here.
    I m not sure what is it, but I did canceled that request from my Payoneer Account Dashboard.
    Any news?
    Kind regards,
  • TechnicGeekTechnicGeek ✭✭ Posts: 19Member ✭✭
    Inquired customer support regarding 5 submissions per week and was given clarification so the payment raffle is legit. I will inquire them about payment request that goes to myself.
  • Iwan_RetroIwan_Retro Posts: 1Member
    Lol, same here, the request goes to myself...
  • sajib9sajib9 Posts: 1Member
    I thinks its legit. It's on their website too.
    What should be the address?
  • nandyajoe28nandyajoe28 ✭✭ Posts: 13Member ✭✭
    edited October 2016
    Same here! This is confusing that i saw my name requesting for $1000 on my email.
    I think i will try again to submit a payment request. But anyway what should i fill on Payer Details? Should i fill it with Bill's details? What is Bill's name? What country he lives at? Should i choose Individual or companies? Any help?
  • neatsoftneatsoft Posts: 2Member
    edited October 2016
    Payoneer always sends a carbon copy of payment request to your own email, it's ok. It allows to check that payment request was sent to your customer. Just check email details:
    to: [email protected]
    cc: [email protected]
    subject: Payment Request <number> from Your Name
  • superburkisuperburki Posts: 1Member
    edited October 2016
    > @Aaron_Payoneer said:
    > The emails you are receiving are about Payoneer's latest competition.
    > Glad to see everyone looking out for each other here! In this case there is no need for alarm.
    > The competition encourages you
    > to engage and get used to the value and benefits of Payoneer’s Billing Service.
    > The request is only to Bill so
    > that you can trial it in a risk free environment, but the competition is real
    > and a winner will be picked randomly every Wednesday! Good luck!
    > Keep in mind, you will receive a copy of the email with the payment request so you can have a copy as well.

    How many times can we send payment request in a week? Are there any limitation for that? Is that increasing our chance?
  • TechnicGeekTechnicGeek ✭✭ Posts: 19Member ✭✭
    It does increase chance of winning. 5 times per week - Monday to Sunday.
  • k0j653k0j653 Posts: 1Member
    It's legit,
    Check this:

    register. payoneer . com /billing-service-raffle/
  • Karl_demoKarl_demo Posts: 1Member
    Hi everyone,

    I can't click "Send" button after I filled out all necessary field.
    "Send" and "Preview" buttons are disabled.
    How and what do I have to do now ?

  • 111yes111yes Posts: 1Member
    :/ Same problem here. "Send" and "Preview" buttons are disabled. I can't click "Send" button after I filled out all necessary field.
  • joenstrongerjoenstronger Posts: 1Member
    After send request, have 1 new email from bill, and asking me to pay to my self. What is this?
  • EmenikeEmenike Posts: 1Member
    Also got the same message... Hope it's not a scam
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