Payoneer Deceive Me, My messages never returned.


Hello friends, I am a user of Payoneer.
My account was blocked and I also have the account balance is, I want to restore my account and I contact Payoneer several times until I get bored. For Payoneer never reply to my message (for activation).

But before my account was blocked, Payoneer to quickly reply to my message. Is this a sneaky way Payoneer?

anyone please help me to fix my problem ..
Please help me to reply to an email from Payoneer [email protected]

I contacted via contact Payoneer and social media contacts but there is no response at all.


  • sophie26sophie26 Member Posts: 22 ✭✭
    Have you still the a problem?
    I have the same like you, and I am curious how much time should I wait.
    Thank you
  • 2406773624067736 Member Posts: 1
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