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Hi there,

I am one of your newly approved members. I just opened my e-mail today and I was surprised upon seeing a notification from your Company that my Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard® card order has been approved. Thank you! My reference number in your system is 1987918. However, I have questions and here they are:

1. Is there a grace period or expiration date for activating the card?
2. After activating it, what should be the next detailed steps to do for new members who are members and receiving payments from your partners and for those who are not members of your partners yet?
3. Since I enrolled and will get my card directly from Payoneer and not from its partners, how can I attach my account to them?
4. Can you please provide us the exact name of your partners that don't pay their members if they do not get separate Payoneer debit cards designed for them?
5. After activating my card, what should be the next steps that I need to do in order to receive money smoothly and successfully from your partners?
6. Do I need to go to their websites dedicated Payoneer pages and just supply my Payoneer e-mail address or account number there? How can I know if my card or Payonner account is successfully connected to them already? Is there a waiting time for that connection or will it be done automatically? Do you send an e-mail notification or do we need to log-in to our Payoneer account online to check it?
7. I understand that your partners list posted in your websites is not complete. Can we request for a complete list for reference or do we need to ask over and over again if a certain company has a formal or legit partnership with Payoneer? How can we know if a certain company really has a legit partnership with you?
8. If I get payments from your partners, is the maximum amount of funds or payment they can send to me is US$1,000 per transaction only? What if I earn more than that amount? I have the same concern also with the maximum amount of US$5,000 that can be deposited in Payoneer debit card. Is that really the only maximum amount that can be paid to my Payoneer card forever or monthly? What if I earn more than that amount monthly?
9. According to the notice I received, my new card will be limited on receiving an amount of private load limit of US$300. What if my first payment will be coming directly from one of your partners and that amount is more than US$300? Will the limited amount automatically lifted?
10. Do payments from your partners needs to be approved first or they will just automatically transferred to my card? If yes, how many days is the waiting period? If the payment is already in your website system, does it mean that it is also posted in my Payoneer debit card? Should I expect a an e-mail notification advising me that the amount added to my debit card? Can I withdraw the amount thru ATMs right away or do I need to apply for US Payment Service? Does your online system records our ATM transactions and updates the remaining amount in our debit cards in real time?
11. Will I be able to see the same amount of money posted in my account on your system and in my card at the same time?
12. I am having a difficulty understanding the Local Bank Transfer and US Payment Service. If I am receiving payments from your partners, do I still need to apply for these services or I can just withdraw the amount they sent to my Payoneer debit card automatically thru ATMs or used them at shopping counters with MasterCard® logo?
13. I understand that you have partners that don't require their members to secure another or separated Payoneer debit cards in order to receive payments from them if they already have an existing Payoneer debit card either directly registered from you or from other partners. How can we know that our cards are successfully connected to them already?

Please provide your new members a simpler and more detailed information on how they can receive and withdraw money after successfully activating their approved cards. That would be a great help. Thank you.


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    Please disregard this post. I already assisted by Chantal, one of your representatives from Live Chat Customer Support department and she answered and shed light to all my concerns. Thank you!
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    Glad to hear it, thanks for updating us :)
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